Saturday, July 23, 2016

I Love Charm Packs

Charm packs are pre-cut 5" x 5" squares of different fabrics and usually around 40 squares in a pack. I think they are one of the best creations for quilters. This quilt is made from one charm pack and white fabric.
One day I discovered charm packs and went crazy for all of the choices. It is a great way to play with coordinated fabrics or mix them up with a couple of different charm packs or mix with your own stash of fabrics. It is also an easy way to get to enjoy a fabric line without having to buy some of every fabric or buy lots of different fabrics separately. 
There are so many patterns now designed around using the charm packs which makes for some great fast projects. This pattern used some of the 5 x5 squares and the other squares are cut in half and sewn together in long strips.

One of my favorite places to shop for charm packs is on the Fat Quarter Shop. They display all of the fabrics included in a pack so you can see them all. They also post lines that are coming up with the release date so you get reminders when they are available.

Here are some more examples of quilts I made from charm packs. This is my Gypsy Picnic Quilt:
The backgrounds and the leaves are all from a Charm Pack on Scrappy Little Leaves:

And also on the Scrappy Little Houses:

There are a lot of pattern books made just for the 5" x 5" squares. I like the Charm Books by Me and My Sister Designs. Oh the possibilities!