Saturday, October 3, 2015

Scrappy Little Leaves

This is a scrappy little wall quilt of several different kinds of leaves finished just in time for Fall! This was inspired by the Scrappy Little House quilt I made for a travel project. So used the same idea with leaves by starting with 5" charm pack for backing squares and 5" batting squares. While on vacation I hand quilted them with embroidery floss. Here they are before embellishing.
I then added a backing fabric, and sewed 1/2" strips through all layers to hold the layers together.
I love how the variety of colors just meld together so well.

  Here are the leaf sketches I made and then traced them on the fabrics.
Here is my little sewing buddy Olive - all happy to be my office chair while I'm sewing at my machine! She is always by my side.
Thank you for following my blog! Happy Fall to All :)