About Me

Welcome to my quilt blog!

I love the play of colors and fabric patterns and endless quilting designs :)

In grade school I played with color by arranging strips of colored paper and liked the way colors seemed to change next to different colors.  

Then I discovered fabric when I learned to sew clothes from my grandmother at a young age. I sewed together the left over fabric into squares for a little quilt for my dog. I was hooked on quilting before I even really knew what it was.

Because of my love of textiles I pursued my BA degree in Textile Design from the University of Washington.

I've been quilting and designing my own fabrics and quilts ever since. I've also been making little art quilts for many years so I could still play with my fabric color combinations and still have time for my family.

My current favs:
  • The new modern fabrics with traditional patterns
  • Modern quilts that break the old “rules”
Thanks for reading,

 My Location: Mountlake Terrace WA (Greater Seattle area)


Why do you make art?
I love working with colors and color combinations. I love creating something out of nothing to look at and enjoy. I love touching the fabric and sewing and quilting. I love when I feel like it’s done and I can wash it to see the puffy highs and lows on the fabric. It makes it look very soft and touchable.
How do you make art?
I start with colors that catch my eye or one small thing can lead to more designs. Usually it is playing with my fabrics and seeing what I like.
What materials do you use?
Cotton fabrics, battings, ribbons, threads, etc.
What does your art mean to you?
It is very personal. It only matters that I like it. I also haven’t gotten used to the idea of sharing it since it may not mean as much to someone else. But I need to get past that as some may like seeing something or get inspired.

Are you trying to convey any emotions?
Mostly imperfections, color blending, relaxed and not stark or formal. Comfortable. I feel like any of them can be used and bent and washed and the quilts will be happy.

What inspires you?
Flowers, houses, windows, pets, quilting, colors, soft textures, etc.
Are there major influences in your work?
Non-traditional things, rustic things, color harmony, the Impressionist artists….
How do your techniques, style, and methods relate to your medium?
It allows freedom to sew seams, layer, bond fabric on top, etc.
Are there things you want to try or do differently?
I want to explore more light and dark contrast. I tend to blend similar shades of colors as it is comfortable and maybe safer to me. So I need to try more bold things and maybe even clashing colors!