Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happiness is.... new fabrics for my next inspiration

Happiness is gathering up some of my fabrics for inspiration. These are low volume fabrics and I may include a few pops of color. 

I'm thinking some little quilted zipper bags and such. Time to start cutting and sewing!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ideas for Displaying Quilts

As a quilter I definitely have large quilts through out the house....on the bed, the couch, etc. Here are some other ideas for displaying quilts and art quilts.

This is a little quilt that works great under the ceramic aardvark my daughter made.

This vintage modern table runner adds a great pop of color. This was fast to make and is easy to switch out. (Hmm I think I need to do a fall theme next!)

These art quilts are in a hall displayed on metal strips and rare earth magnets for a super strong hold. This is a great way to change out my little quilts!

There are lots of other ways to add quilts to your home!