Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cotton Candy Color Wheel

Cotton Candy Color Wheel Quilt

This all started out when I saw a warm violet-blue on a chart. I said to myself I have to find that color in my stash when I get home and build on that. I found it! Then added to it. All these colors remind me of cotton candy so that's the name if this wall quilt. 

I used a Dresden plate shape but didn't make the ends pointed. I found that a great way to turn under the curved edge is to use iron on stretch interfacing cut in strips on the bias. Stitch this around the edges on top of the fabric with the iron on side facing up.Then use a pinking rotary cutter around the edges.

 Fold over the interfacing to the back and tap the iron as you go around the curve slowly so that it is a smooth curve. You can reposition if you tap it. Then press completely.

 Then I used a machine blanket stitch around the edge. The center is also blanket stitched.

 Now I have my own color wheel on my sewing room wall! 

This would be fun to do with dark shades also or light to dark!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fabric Baskets

Want a quick weekend project? These fabric baskets are great for storage and easy to sew up. The taller one is great for storing yarns and such and I made a shorter one for my husbands office for the catch-all things. I was experimenting with sizes so I'll definitely make some more of these and save the measurements!

Here is a square version for a tissue box.I measured around the box and added an additional inch around for wiggle room and 2 inches to fold over the top.

You will need:
Outer fabric
Lining fabric (coordinating or contracting which shows on the cuff)
Iron on interfacing - cut slightly smaller than the fabric

Friday, January 2, 2015

Giving Back

New Year's day weekend is a perfect time to start giving back. This is a charity baby quilt that will be donated to the Madigan Army Medical Center through the Quilters Anonymous Quilt Guild.

This is one of many charity projects that the Quilters Anonymous Quilt Guild members do throughout every year. 

A guild member can choose to do one or more of these for the baby quilts: 
  • cut out the pieces
  • sew the quilt top
  • quilt it with a flannel backing
  • and/or add the binding

This one is ready to quilt next!

This is also a great way to learn quilting skills and giving back at the same time! I will be making more of these :)