Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hot Summer Quilt

I love rich vibrant colors and tend to select those at the fabric stores and online shops. But I learned in a quilt they also need contrast with darks, lights, or contrasting colors. Why is that? It allows your eyes to better see the vibrant colors as the dark and lights may recede.

There is a lot of information about color theory to use as guidelines, but overall you really should just pick the colors you like and feel good to you. Ultimately its what will make you happy making it and using it or gifting it. This quilt's colors pop because of the maroons, browns, and grays.

Olive has to test all my new quilts!
 Making little quilts is a great way to explore color combinations before making a full sized quilt. How about trying the minimal soft colors, or just picking 3 colors. You can give yourself all kinds of challenges.

When I saw Victoria Findley-Wolfe speak at our quilt guild I remember her saying: sometimes make the quilt or use a color you thought you would never make or use. If its brown you never want to work with, make a point of including browns. If you avoided curves - try it! I've learned a lot trying both of these already. I still never want to make a black and white only quilt but maybe one day I will.

I learned a lot making this quilt with solids and prints. The charm pack of 5" solid squares was a mixture of fabrics I probably wouldn't have bought separately but mixed in they make the quilt pop. So I love them and am making a point to seek out colors like this.

This is made with light weight cotton batting so its not too warm for a cooler summer day.