Sunday, November 15, 2015

Happiness is... an organized fabric stash

Yes indeed, happiness is... an organized fabric stash!

After I had organized my kitchen towels I realized it was time to organize my fabric stash a little better. I already had the general color groupings, but I went through and refolded everything and got rid of any fabrics that weren't zinging for me any longer. I took them to the Quilters Anonymous Guild meeting where there is a fabric donation table that all members bring in scraps of any kind and other members may find just what they were looking for. 

Once you can see everything at a glance its fun to see which colors you are drawn too and may need to fill in ;) I have my fabric strips organized in bins which makes it super easy to pull out for projects and the crazy quilts. 
 And of course there is the big basket for all the little scraps!
 Always treasures to pull out that are just right for making the scrappy zipper bags and little art quilts.