Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Slash and Sew Quilt Variation

This Slash and Sew (or Slice and Sew) quilt is a great summer time quilt. Yeah even though there have been really hot days, the evenings can get cooler and its nice to have a light weight lap quilt while reading, watching TV and hand stitching.
To get the floating shapes use a solid or near solid background fabric and contrasting colors for the inserted strips. I started with roughly 10" x 12" background blocks and 2 1/2" strips in variety of oranges to maroons. Then I cut the background block in half at an angle through the shorter portion and inserted a strip of fabric. So it will be roughly 12" x 12" once the insert is sewn in. The blocks will all be trimmed later.
Then I cut random sized strips through the block. I cut between 2" - 2 3/4". Layout an arrangement that you like. Then you will sew this strips together based on the layout.
Wait to trim the edges to square up the block until you have all of the blocks completed to determine your smallest block and then trim up based on that block. 

 Layout in rows that looks pleasing. Sew the rows together.

I layered the quilt with cotton batting and quilted the top in a chevron design. This was really fun to design on the fly and see how it turns out!

NOTES: There will be some small pieces cut off from the edges but save these for little projects. Also each row doesn't need to be the same size in width.