Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Day - Organizing "Play Day"

In reflecting on the year, it’s been so much fun posting projects I have been making. It’s great having a community to share with. I love that followers are from all across the world!!!! Quilting is definitely an international love of all things fabric and quilted. I would love to hear comments of any kind and in any language (I know several folks that can interpret)!

What am I planning to do New Years Day? Well I like to treat it as an organizing play day. I recently organized my fabrics. Now tomorrow will be the perfect day to organize arts, crafts, and sewing supplies. 

Crank up some great music and relax. It is great to see your fabrics, ribbons, ephemera, etc.

Just have fun!

Once organized it will be that much easier to clean up after each project and/or at the end of each night. 

I try to always pick up as much as possible at the end of the day. Especially since I have numerous projects I work on at the same time.

Happy New Years!!!